You don’t need any specialist knowledge to volunteer, just bring commitment, a sense a humour and a willingness to learn on the hoof.

In front of the camera: we often require extras – of all shapes, sizes, and ages – to make up a social, club, party or bar scene, for example.

Behind the camera: we sometimes require volunteers to operate the clapper board, manage the food/ refreshment area, supervise extras, fetch and carry, hold the boom mic, check for continuity errors, and assist the director and producer.

All our projects operate on shoe string budgets so while cannot provide expenses we provide a wide range of sandwiches, wraps and salads and soft drinks on location/ during filming.

We will also credit you and give you a copy of the film in which you were involved.

Go to our Contact page for a general enquiry but go to the Flash Mob Feast page if you are signing up for that.